​Chiffon classification

Update:02 Jul 2018

Chiffon is classified in silk chiffon and silk chiffon. […]

Chiffon is classified in silk chiffon and silk chiffon. First, artificial silk chiffon General composition is 100% polyester (chemical fiber type)

Texture characteristics: light, soft, natural drape, good skin feel (of course, these are only appearance characteristics, how to imitate, but still not as good as true silk chiffon), but the simulation silk chiffon is purified fiber It is not easy to decolorize, it is not afraid of exposure, it is very convenient to take care of it (machine washable), and its firmness is also better.

Second, the silk chiffon composition is 100% mulberry silk (natural fiber), the appearance of those with the above characteristics, in addition, and long-term wear on the human skin is very good, cool breathable, hygroscopic strong, these are artificial silk chiffon Unreachable. However, some aspects of silk chiffon can not keep up with artificial silk chiffon, for example: after washing more easily become lighter and lighter, can not be exposed to the sun (will be yellow), take care of it is very troublesome (need to hand wash), solidity is not good ( Easy to stretch yarn, easy to tear at the seam).

As the times progressed, the slow silk chiffon and the silk joe became two varieties. Many silk garments and silk scarves also used different labels. There are two kinds of silk yarns.

Smooth, wrinkle-free silk yarn called: silk chiffon (shrinkage rate in water is about 10%)

Roughly wrinkled silk yarn called: silk Qiaoqi (backwater shrinkage rate of about 15%)