​Chiffon matching

Update:23 Jul 2018

In the midst of the alternating changes in the century, […]

In the midst of the alternating changes in the century, the fashion world has set off a wave of "new romanticism". Designers have invariably incorporated all kinds of "romantic" elements into the spring and summer clothing, which is neither green nor innocent. However, it naturally reveals the feminine traits after reflection, and the romantic charm of both rationality and sensibility.

In order to let color and light and shadow perfectly interpret the invaluable romance of spring and summer, "chiffon" swayed the fashion stage with the super-popular charm of "Thousands of pets in one". Because the designers are more accustomed to the "light and shadow layering" presented by the spring and summer clothing, the chiffon yarn stands out as its clothing with its "excellent sag, light and elegant touch and penetration". The most popular material in design.

Combination of rigid and soft

Chiffon yarn has a strong romantic image, which is very suitable for the romantic and romantic powder collar. For the pink collars who usually don't laugh, chiffon yarn can give you more flexible energy. However, in formal occasions when you go to work, or when you are attending a semi-formal dinner and leisure, it is best to use a combination of rigid and soft techniques to ease the chiffon with other materials. Romantic temperament, for example:

‧ Chiffon shirt + trousers or narrow skirt with cotton, linen or thin wool (can be worn at work)

‧ Chiffon shirt + cotton, linen or thin wool suit (can be worn at work)

‧ Chiffon blouse + jeans or denim skirt (wearable when you are relaxing)

‧Cotton, linen or knit tops + chiffon short skirts, knee-length skirts or long skirts (both for work and leisure)

‧ Chiffon yarn sleeveless or spaghetti straps dress + cotton, linen or knit jacket (can be worn at work)

‧ Chiffon sleeveless or short-sleeved dress + cotton, linen or thin wool blazer (can be worn at work)

Beautiful little for you

In order to make the overall shape more perfect, when wearing a translucent texture such as chiffon, you need to take care of it, for example:

First, underwear must be regarded as part of the overall shape, wearing underwear that can be matched with chiffon yarn, keeping dignity is the best policy.

Second, try to keep the overall line clean and fresh. Such as: remove the shoulder pad that destroys the overall cleanliness and cleanliness; or add a silk shirt and petticoat to the chiffon yarn to beautify the overall line.