​The significance of the application of fabric in the wall

Update:26 Nov 2018

(4) In a mortar of a certain thickness, the more layers […]

(4) In a mortar of a certain thickness, the more layers of the tiled fabric, the better the effect of the fabric reinforced mortar, and the 3 to 4 layers of the 3 cm thick mortar are good;

(5) The fabric structure has a certain influence on the flexural strength and splitting tensile strength of fabric reinforced concrete. The splitting tensile strength of single-layer, double-layer and four-layer fabric reinforced concrete is 2.35Mpa, 2.59Mpa, 2.73, respectively. Mpa, the flexural strength is 3.2Mpa, 3.5Mpa, 3.7Mpa respectively; the splitting tensile strength of single-layer and double-layer cross-shaped three-dimensional fabric reinforced concrete is 2.13Mpa and 2.28Mpa, respectively, and the flexural strength is 3.7Mpa, 4.0 respectively. Mpa, indicating that the fabric has different structural forms, and there are many voids in the fabric, which is beneficial to improve the strength of the concrete; the cross-shaped fabric increases the flexural strength of the concrete better than the flat fabric;

(6) The position of the fabric placed in the test piece is different, and the influence on the reinforcing strength of the mortar is also different. The reinforcing direction of the fabric can be selected according to the need, and in the direction of the main stress bearing, the reinforcing fabric is placed to enhance the effect.

The strength of mortar or concrete increases with the increase of fabric density, but the density is too large, and its bonding performance with concrete is not good, so in the future research, the bonding performance of fabric and concrete needs further study; The reinforcing effect of the fabric on the mortar or concrete needs further study. In addition to the cross-shaped fabric of this paper, other shapes are developed.