​Weaving system and industry recommendations

Update:29 Dec 2018

Weaving system and industry recommendations Weaving sys […]

Weaving system and industry recommendations

Weaving system

1. Sanyuan organization: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave

2. Change organization: Based on the original organization, it is changed to obtain various organizations.

3. Joint organization: A new organization that combines two or more organizations in different ways.

4. Complex organization: At least one of the complex warp and weft yarns consists of yarns with two or more systems.

Industry advice

In response to the current situation and problems in the textile industry,

First, the problem of cotton price difference should be solved effectively. Solving the problem of cotton price difference at home and abroad as soon as possible is not only an important measure to accelerate the stabilization of the textile industry, but also an effective means to avoid further decline in the international market share of China's textile and garment industry. It is recommended to take effective measures as soon as possible to reduce the price difference between domestic and foreign cotton, to avoid the widening of the cotton price difference and to reduce the burden on cotton textile enterprises.

The second is to strengthen support for SMEs. Textile small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force to absorb employment. It is recommended to continue to implement the national policies and measures for small and medium-sized enterprises, pay attention to the difficulties faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, promptly solve problems for small and medium-sized enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The third is: continue to support the industry transformation and upgrading. Continue to support textile enterprises to implement technological transformation and technological innovation, increase the added value of industry products, and fundamentally enhance the competitiveness of the industry.