According to face shape body shirt

Update:05 Dec 2017

Round face should not be equipped with a round neck shi […]

Round face should not be equipped with a round neck shirt; long face with a pointed collar shirt will appear longer face; neck length should not be used V-neck shirt; neck short should not use high collar shirt.
High-tall: shirt lines, style, pattern, color blocks, etc. have little effect on the body. More adaptable, more changes in dress, the effect is good.
Thin body: it is best to wear light-colored, horizontal stripes, twill, plaid and other shirts, gives the visual sense is that people look a little fat; and straight stripes will increase people's visual sense of skinny.
High-thin figure: Suitable for wearing the upper and lower color shirts, giving the impression of not very high, but should not wear straight lines, so as not to increase the visual height.
Short stature: suitable for wearing the same color shirt, gives the visual illusion of a higher point of view, should not wear the same color separation, this will result in visual short sense.
Chunky stature: suitable for wearing dark dark stripes; if the shirt is a flower shirt, underwear with dark, but also reduce the visual sense of fat, but should not wear empty square striped cloth shirt.