Antique satin and crystal satin

Update:11 May 2019

Antique satin Suzhou antique satin can be divided into […]

Antique satin
Suzhou antique satin can be divided into two types: “landscape antique” and “flower antique”. The “landscape” patterns are based on natural landscapes such as landscapes, pavilions, bridges and bridges with ethnic characteristics; the “flowers and antiques” patterns are mostly popular folk patterns.
Suzhou antique satin is woven with woven silk and rayon weft, which becomes a satin weft pattern. The fabric pattern shines brightly and colorfully. The patterns are generally arranged in a full floor, and the pattern is fine and neat, and the artist is drawn, and the shadows are light and the light and dark are properly matched. The theme includes garden landscape, ancient seal, chess and calligraphy, Lei Ding musical instruments, ancient coins and so on. The flower shape is bright, the color is elegant, the texture is rich, the structure is tight, and the oriental flavor is declared. It is the high-grade fabric of dress, cheongsam, cotton jacket and Chinese top, and it is also the high-grade fabric of interior decoration.

Crystal satin
The fabric is made of polyester FDY50D/72F yarn, the weft direction is 75D polyester yarn and the 150D filament yarn is used for weft, and the 150D weft yarn is twisted with lower twist. The weft direction is double weft double jet weaving, weaving The specification is 19 x 5 x 46 and weaving on a water jet loom. The fabric is bright and radiant, with a smooth, soft feel and clear lines. The fabric width is 163cm, and the current market price of the grey fabric is about 4.80 yuan per meter. Now the fabric has been favored by local merchants in the near future, and the current purchase and sample orders continue.