Autumn and winter leggings with what fabric is better?

Update:28 Nov 2017

  In fact, leggings can be worn throughout the year, so […]

  In fact, leggings can be worn throughout the year, so there are many kinds of leggings length and technology, and there are many kinds of fabrics needed. This not only in spring and summer can be combined with shorts and skirts in the autumn and winter women can also highlight the unique fashion, sexy beauty. General words in the fall and winter should be selected milk silk and polyester and other warm fabrics, but in summer hot weather should choose chiffon, lace and gauze and other breathable fabric most suitable.
In the fall and winter seasons, leggings on the fabric will generally choose a good elasticity, breathable and warm good fabric. For example, milk silk fabric, good lateral elasticity, although the hygroscopic strength slightly lower than cotton, but soft and smooth, with fluffy fluffy and comfortable wool characteristics, has a better skin-friendly. Milk silk dyeing properties of its excellent, the absorption of pigment compatibility better than other fabrics, fabrics and apparel after dyeing in real, magnificent and lasting color, exceptionally bright and vivid, so more durable, resistant wash. Of course, the choice of fabric can also be due to different MM personality and preferences in the choice of their own requirements in the choice of both cover the excess meat on his knees, but also show a longer calf lines, showing the body's golden ratio, Is undoubtedly the best choice.