Characteristics of silk material

Update:13 Mar 2018

Silk has absorption performance, smooth and no mirror, […]

Silk has absorption performance, smooth and no mirror, a bright pearl luster and soft, soft, elegant silk is dense, with the hand will have wrinkles, higher purity and higher density of the silk fabrics feel better; although after removal of Kennedy, feel is soft, but silk dark, without pearly luster; fabric luster bright, dazzling, feel is stiff. In addition, silk products should be slightly scratching the feeling, the two layers of fabric friction, will produce "Silk sounding" sound, and other materials of the fabric is not.
Silk shrinkage is high, the purchase of finished products to choose more than the actual requirements of a large standard is appropriate. If it is the use of silk in the high-end goods, it is best to take dry cleaning.
Soft silk, soft and soft touch, soft texture, rub each other, can produce a special sound, commonly known as "sirming" or "Silk singing", hand clenched tight after release, wrinkles are less and less obvious, silk yarn dry wet and elastic consistency.