Chiffon classification

Update:03 Jan 2018

Chiffon classification of silk chiffon and silk imitati […]

Chiffon classification of silk chiffon and silk imitation silk chiffon:
Silk chiffon ingredients are 100% silk, long-term wear on the human skin is very good, cool and breathable, hygroscopic, these are silk chiffon can not reach. However, there are some aspects of silk chiffon silk is not able to keep up with the simulation, such as: more easy to wash after the lighter gray, can not be exposed (will yellow), take care of it is very troublesome (need to wash), poor firm Easy stretch yarn, suture prone to tear).
Silk chiffon general composition of 100% polyester. Texture characteristics: thin, soft, natural drape good, skin feeling good, but the simulation of silk chiffon because it is pure chemical fiber, it is not easy to wash more easy to decolorize, not afraid of exposure, easy to take care of (machine washable), solid .