Chiffon discrimination

Update:16 Jul 2018

The secret is to cut a small piece of fabric and burn i […]

The secret is to cut a small piece of fabric and burn it with a lighter. Really: white smoke is emitted, and the smell of burning hair is emitted. The dried ashes are broken and scattered.

Fake: If all is aromatic (a bit sweet, because he is polyester), and you don't break it, you know the ingredients.

The application of chiffon in design

1. Chiffon with its superior drape and comfortable body touch In the summer, it is the designer's common design material.

2. In the summer chiffon skirt design, the commonly used design method is to make wrinkles, using its good natural drape and natural pleat effect.

As an entry point for chiffon design

3. Chiffon is generally used in the one-page version of the draping and cutting out! Compared with the industrial version that has not undergone steric cutting and the plate type verification or the design that has not undergone industrial garment inspection, it is generally prone to defects!

4. Chiffon shirts are usually paired with yarn or brocade that is easier to sew with chiffon as a design ingredient!