Chiffon fabric stains how to wash?

Update:19 Dec 2017

    Now there are many fabrics for apparel, cotton fabr […]

    Now there are many fabrics for apparel, cotton fabrics, chiffon fabrics, knitted fabrics and so on. But sometimes go out to play or eat carelessly dirty cotton may be a good wash, but how to clean chiffon fabric na? How to maintain? These have always plagued the problem of crush like to wear chiffon clothes, then study together below it!

   Chiffon fabric clothing because of light texture, flexible, with good breathability, comfortable to wear, and chiffon and velvet chiffon and silk chiffon points, different fabrics made into different clothes, can wear out Different effects and comfort. So it has been a very wide range of applications, very popular with the girls welcome! But if you want to clean it, pay attention to the point that the most important thing is not to turn yellow, so as not to drop the macula. It is best to use hand wash, if it is stained with darker things, first with a towel to suck, and then dry the surface of flour, or wipe the stain with soda is more effective. However, the stains stay on the clothes, the shorter the more easily removed, sometimes the clothing material will affect the stain removal effect.
Of course, chiffon fabric clothes need maintenance, do not chiffon on the damp, not ventilated or direct sunlight, if the chiffon storage temperature is too high, it will be easy to yellow, smelly. Chiffon UV and fluorescent resistance is very weak, it is easy to fade, it is best to avoid direct sunlight, can be received in the closet, but when placed in the best flat in the closet, so that is not easy to deformation.