Chiffon Product Introduction

Update:19 Jun 2018

Chiffon is a yarn (not a spinning) product in silk prod […]

Chiffon is a yarn (not a spinning) product in silk products. Its name comes from the English Chiffon's meaning of sound, meaning a light, transparent fabric with a light, thin, transparent, soft and elegant fabric. In recent years, due to the rapid development of chemical fiber technology, "chemical fiber" has replaced the original "silk".

Its feel, style is very similar or similar, so often referred to as chiffon or chemical fiber chiffon chiffon.    

The warp and weft yarns are made of two different twisted twisted yarns, S and Z. They are interlaced by 2S and 2Z (two left and two right) and interlaced with plain weave. The warp and weft density of the fabric is very small. After refining, the silk fabric shrinks and snaking due to the untwisting effect of the silk yarn, forming a silky surface full of uniform wrinkles and loosely structured georgette yarn. According to the raw materials used, they can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette and interwoven georgette. If the weft only uses one kind of twist, the woven georgette is known as cis-fibre georgette, and the cis-fibre georgette presents warp and undulation. Pleated irregular wrinkles. The georgette texture is light and transparent, with soft and elastic feel. The appearance is light and elegant. It has good breathability and drapability. It is elegant and comfortable to wear. The light, heavy, thick, thin, transparent, and shrinkage effects of the georgette yarn mainly depend on the thickness of the thread, the number of twists, the twist, and the weft and weft density. Qiaoqi yarn is suitable for making women's dresses, senior evening dresses, headscarves, lanterns, and crafts.

Chiffon yarn: The weft and weft yarns of this fabric are made of polyester FDY100D and then steamed and retorted. The fabric structure adopts plain weave variations. In addition to the advantages of softness, smoothness, breathability, and easy washing, the product is more comfortable and drape. Fabrics can be dyed, printed, embroidered, stamped, creased, etc. The listed fabrics are dominated by a variety of light-colored and light-colored shades that are both light and elegant. With a width of 150cm and a weight of about 130 grams per meter, the fabric is one of the ideal fashion fabrics for fashion women in spring and summer.