Chiffon shirt purchase points

Update:14 Nov 2017

Size: suitable or slightly larger, chiffon material is […]

Size: suitable or slightly larger, chiffon material is generally no flexibility, and too tight, it is difficult to reflect the elegant feeling.
Color: Generally speaking, the light colored shirt is more suitable for fair skinned people. People with dark skin can choose printing, plaid, color should not be too deep.
That bright light to check carefully if there are stains or spinning jumper phenomenon.
Lining: high quality chiffon shirt lining is more detailed, soft and breathable, light and thin but not; bad lining with a nail scratch, off the silk.
Observation method: Silk Chiffon is very bright and light. The feeling of not touching the silk leaves is not real silk. It feels a little heavy and will stick to the skin.
Lighting method: after the silk is ignited, a pinch is broken, there is no big particle. After the non real silk is ignited, there will be granular, pinch not broken.