Chiffon Skirt Maintenance and Common Matching

Update:24 Aug 2019

maintain Don't hang nail-beaded dresses in the wardrobe […]

Don't hang nail-beaded dresses in the wardrobe for a long time, otherwise the soft and loose Chiffon will sag and deform.
Be careful not to dip in water. If it's locally dipped, soak and wash. Finally, stretch and ironing to avoid shrinkage.
After washing, drip naturally and do not twist hard.
Heavy decorative Chiffon is best placed flat in the wardrobe, so it is not easy to deform.
A chiffon dress worn once should not be placed in a plastic pocket, preferably in a cloth pocket. It is breathable and will not be contaminated with dust.
Chiffon clothes with sleeves are hung up by hangers. It is better to choose cloth hangers, or wrap the two ends of the hangers with small towels, so that the sleeves will not deform.
Spray perfume should pay attention to long distance. Lest you leave macula.
If you get red wine or grease at a banquet, there are two tricks.
Method 1: First, suck it with a paper towel, then find the soybean flour or flour, dry the surface water, and then gently blow the powder, the stain is naturally sucked away.
Method 2: It is more effective to wipe off the stain with soda water.

Common collocations
1: Cascade Lotus Leaf Edge Dress + Low V Top, Tie Boots + Exotic Top
2: Low V collar + lotus leaf edge, waist-closing design + A skirt
3: Leather Jacket + Lady Skirt
4: Shawl jacket + loose jacket
5: Lantern Sleeve + Short Sleeve Knitted Shirt
6: leather jacket + print skirt, leather jacket + LACE BOOTS
7: Black Tower Skirt + Black Silk Socks + Black High-heeled Shoes, Princess Neck Top + V-neck Knitted Shirt
8: Long Shirt + Irregular Skirt
9: Bat sleeve lace skirt + loose long coat, fur decorative boots + irregular skirt