Choose beautiful Chiffon skirts

Update:10 Aug 2019

Chiffon skirt warp and weft yarn are made of polyester […]

Chiffon skirt warp and weft yarn are made of polyester or silk as raw materials, twisted and processed from left and right. The fabric structure makes its texture and color effect good, and wins the favor of many fashion women with the characteristics of ultra-thin. Because of the sparse longitude and weft of the fabric, it is especially easy to breathe, and the sufficient weight reduction treatment in dyeing and the soft handle of the fabric are the fashionable fabrics pursued by fashionable women.
Dressed upper body, not only charming and solemn elegant screening, dressed with a great sense of relaxation, but also can add free and easy charming beauty.
Chiffon skirt is made of chiffon. Chiffon skirt is elegant, cool and feminine, which adds beauty to women's clothes.
Visual sensory good Chiffon clothes light, elegant, transparent, fine silk thread and fine production, soft and flexible handle, pick up a sense of weight; worse look slightly rough silk thread, feel not smooth, light drift strong and rough details.

Pay attention to whether the style, style and color are suitable for you.
According to their own height, chest circumference, select the appropriate specifications, pay attention to the soft and draping feel of the fabric.
When choosing and purchasing, we should see whether the seamstress is neat, whether the stitches are falling off, skewed or cracked.
In the light of bright light or sunshine, carefully check whether there are stains on the clothes, thread pulling or jumping phenomenon.
The price of good Chiffon clothes is generally higher because of the special fabrics and difficult workmanship.
The choice of wide-crowned body, Korean version long jacket or similar cake skirt-like format can help you hide the minor shortcomings of your body.