Classified according to different processing methods

Update:25 Feb 2019

Wool fabrics - the length of wool is about 75 mm (the d […]

Wool fabrics - the length of wool is about 75 mm (the difference between different varieties is relatively large), the yarn made of fibers of this length is a wool yarn (in order to be blended with wool fibers, the chemical fiber is cut into this length - Wool-type chemical fiber), the fabric composed of such a yarn is a wool fabric.
Medium-length fabrics - fibers between the length of the cotton and the length of the wool, referred to as medium-length fibers, are made up of medium-long fiber yarns, and the fabrics made from such yarns are medium-length fabrics.
Filament-type fabrics - fabrics woven from filaments, such as rayon fabrics, polyester silk fabrics.
(C) According to the structure of the woven fabric, it is divided into plain, twill, satin and other tissues. The concept of fabric organization has been discussed before, and will not be repeated here.
(D) It is divided into clothing, home textiles, industrial fabrics, etc. according to the use of the woven fabric.