Cutting steps for chiffon fabric

Update:26 Apr 2019

1, first spread the chiffon fabric, chiffon fabric is n […]

1, first spread the chiffon fabric, chiffon fabric is not very easy to spread flat, so first spread a rough. If you want to fold the chiffon fabric to the double frame, you should use the pin to keep along the edge of the cloth. You don't need to be too dense. Just don't let the edge of the cloth twist too much to align the edges.

2. If there is a cropping case, draw a horizontal line or put the fabric along the side of the case, so that you know if the fabric is not open.

3, then there is no small spray bottle at home, gently and evenly spray a layer of water on the chiffon fabric, so the chiffon fabric is easy to flatten, but do not spray too much, otherwise it is not easy to flatten, this To experience, you have to try a few more times.

4. For fabrics that are not easily flattened, water needs to be sprayed. Most fabrics do not need this. In addition, when laying the fabric, the upper and lower layers of the cloth are easy to be misaligned. For example, if you can see the silk thread straight up on the upper layer, the lower layer may still be awkward. You can't see it. For the uneven place, don't use the hand or ruler. Go and catch, blow your mouth with your mouth and blow the cloth flat.

5, if you have patience and want to cut more accurately, you will spread the cloth to cut a single layer, the trouble is troublesome, but can guarantee that the cloth is not cut, for the less experienced cutting newbie, to do so I want to be insured.

6. It is recommended to draw a pattern on the paper first, then put the pattern on the fabric and then cut it. This is much easier than drawing directly on the chiffon fabric, especially for the pattern. In the case of flower-shaped fabrics, this is the best, and after the materials are finished, they are drawn and then slowly cut, and the silk of the cloth is not easy to smash.