Embroidery is a primary art

Update:29 Jan 2019

Chinese textile has a long history. Textile products ca […]

Chinese textile has a long history. Textile products can be classified into four major varieties of embroidery, silk, clothing and carpets. These four varieties, the production process is different, the style is unique, and they are briefly introduced below.
Embroidery as a handicraft embroidery is developed on the basis of general sewing. It is a great progress of human civilization to sew clothes with needles.
The history of Chinese embroidery has a long history. In the Neolithic Age of China, the Hemudu people more than 7,000 years ago used not only bone needles but also textiles. Chinese embroidery has developed along such a line for thousands of years: first, embroidered clothes, and extended to the daily necessities of embroidered living, and later rose to embroidered ornamentals. Divided into two categories, namely embroidery daily necessities and embroidery paintings.
Embroidery is a primary art created for the beauty of life. The embroidery is simple and pure, showing the inner affection of the embroidery artist.