Fabric and origin

Update:10 Sep 2018

The fabric is a flat piece of material composed of smal […]

The fabric is a flat piece of material composed of small, long and long objects that are formed by crossing, winding, and joining. The woven fabric is composed of yarns that have a cross relationship. Knitted fabrics are composed of yarns that have a knot relationship. The nonwoven fabric is composed of yarns in a connected relationship. The third fabric is composed of yarns having a cross/wound relationship.

A number of yarns form a stable relationship and form a fabric. Crossing, winding and joining are three stable structural relationships that the yarn can make. The fabric maintains a stable morphology and specific mechanical properties. Analyzing the yarn groups in the fabric and its running direction, running law and formation relationship, it is possible to clearly understand various fabrics.


A long time ago, humans and some animals, insects, and birds could be intertwined with small lines, and the laminated joints formed larger pieces to make use of certain shapes and functions. The initial spinning and orderly weaving began about 6,000 years ago: people began to use the shuttle to intersperse into long yarns, woven into woven fabrics; with the help of rods, hooks, needles, etc. It is knitted into a knitted fabric; the animal skin is felted by an alkaline substance to form a felt of a non-woven fabric. After long-term hands-on workshop production practice, exploration and improvement, the functional efficiency of weaving tools continues to improve, the selection and processing of textile raw materials is gradually refined, and the organizational structure is constantly innovating. The rapid development and industrialization of the textile industry was completed in the past 100 years with the development of modern industries such as new materials, machinery manufacturing, and electromechanical power control. Today, weaving tools, textile materials, and organizational structures continue to develop in the direction of new technologies and high technologies.