Fabric color matching

Update:12 Nov 2018

When blue is matched with other colors: The blue color […]

When blue is matched with other colors:

The blue color on the yellow bottom, no light.

The blue color on the green bottom shows the red light.

The blue on the white background is cool and clean.

The blue color on the black bottom flashes with bright, pure power, and the brightness is raised very high.

In addition, blue with some cool colors, easy to create strange, empty and lonely.

Purple is a kind of color that is difficult to use, representing mystery, nobleness, majesty, giving people an elegant, graceful and luxurious feeling. Increasing the brightness of purple can produce a feminine and elegant effect, while reducing the brightness of purple, it is easy to lose brilliance.

White is a color that gives a pure impression, representing peace and purity. This color has the effect of showing any easy charm.

Black is visually a negative color. On the one hand, black symbolizes sadness, death, despair; on the other hand, it gives people a deep, solemn and persevering sense. The combination of black and other colors can make the design vivid and extremely effective. It often creates a strong visual impact.

Application field

The application field of fabric is extremely broad

Clothing fabric

Decorative fabric

Automotive fabric

Industrial fabric

Medical fabric

Aerospace military fabric