Fabric color psychological effect

Update:05 Nov 2018

When orange is matched with other colors: On white: ora […]

When orange is matched with other colors:

On white: orange looks pale and weak.

On black: orange shows its most obvious physical properties.

The faded orange loses its vivid character.

Deeper orange for maximum warmth and most active visuals.

Yellow is a happy color with a little excitement. It represents bright, brilliant, eye-catching and noble, makes people feel happy, is very bright and beautiful color, has a strong light sense, and has a strong vision. effect.

When yellow is matched with other colors:

The yellow color on the white surface looks dull and without radiation, and the white pushes the yellow to a subordinate position.

The yellow on the light pink is lost.

The yellow color on the orange is more pure and high. When the two colors are juxtaposed, it is like the strong sunlight of the morning shining on the mature wheat field.

Yellow on green: Makes the yellow color to the outside, which is more beautiful.

Yellow on red and purple: It shows a very powerful force, solid and calm.

Green is the color between yellow and blue. It has both yellow and blue silence. The two are soft, making green green and vibrant in peace and peace. Green is the color of nature and has the role of balancing human psychology.

Green and other colors:

Green on yellow, giving a bright feeling

Green on gray, a sense of sadness and decline.

Green on the orange, the vitality of the cool color is increased to the maximum.

The green on the black, on the one hand, reflects stability, honesty and elegance, on the other hand, it gives people the feeling of indifference, depression and bitterness.

The green on the blue is a vivid and powerful extension of the cool color.

The green transposition field is very broad, and it is possible to express different images by various color contrasts.

Blue is cool, it is quiet, clear, and often has sensible characteristics. Representing quiet, refreshing, cool, rational and so on. It gives people the feeling of being far away, ethereal, silent, high, away from the world, clean and detached.