Fabric color

Update:22 Oct 2018

Element Color has three basic performance elements, as […]


Color has three basic performance elements, as well as hue, lightness and chroma.

The  phase refers to the appearance of color, which is the name that distinguishes a color substance. Such as: red, yellow, blue, etc. and mixed colors, (red + yellow = orange, blue + red = purple, etc.).

The brightness is the brightness of the color itself. The whole process from white to gray to black in achromatic color is brightness. So low-lightness color refers to a dark color, and lightness color is a bright color. In the hue, yellow has the highest brightness and blue has the lowest.

The chroma is the purity, concentration or saturation of the color. The stronger the color, the higher the purity.


In theory, color can be divided into two categories: colorless (white, gray, black) and colored (red, orange, yellow, green).

In addition, according to human psychological and visual judgments, colors are divided into three categories: warm color (red, orange, yellow), cool (blue, green, blue), neutral (green) , purple, red purple, yellow green, etc.).