Update:25 Jul 2017

Textile fabric: “Chiffe”, academic name for “Georgette” […]

Textile fabric: “Chiffe”, academic name for “Georgette”-----also called crepe georgette, chiffon. Chiffe is thin transparent fabric, a woven fabric made of strong yarns in both weft and warp. Light, heavy, thick, thin, transparent and silk crepe effect of chiffe depend on thickness, doubling, twist, thread count of yarns. Chiffe feels soft, flexible, light and elegant in appearance, with good ventilation and drape, wearing graceful and comfortable, suitable for producing summer clothing, women dress, evening dress, kerchief, lantern handwork, etc. As the fabric is nondense in weft and warp, it is easy to breathe, plus the reduction in the amount of hair processing makes fabric feel particularly soft, it is the fashion fabric women pursuit for, while dressing, both charming, graceful and elegant.

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