How to judge the quality of a good or bad clothes

Update:06 Feb 2018

As far as the clothes themselves are concerned, there a […]

As far as the clothes themselves are concerned, there are two conditions for their suitability: fabric and workmanship.
(1) From the fabric, wool, silk, cotton, of course, these are better than chemical fiber, acrylic, polyester these are better, and now there are some new high-tech fabrics continue to market, what far-infrared, nano silver, bamboo fiber, etc. Wait
(2) From the workmanship, you can see the lining (or liner) fabric, car line is uniform, yards edge is clean (many high-quality clothes are used edging), zipper chain work fine , The surface of the button is smooth, if the clothes have posted diamond, diamond symmetry shining .In short, the more details of the place, the more can highlight the work clothes.
(3) the value of the clothes itself, there is another important factor is the brand. Good brand for the quality of clothes more emphasis.
(4) If it comes to choosing clothes, the main purpose is - the clothes that best suit you are the best clothes. So, do not be overly superstitious "brand name."
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