How to properly air silk quilt?

Update:13 Apr 2019

When the weather is good, we are always used to taking […]

When the weather is good, we are always used to taking the quilt out and drying it.
But how is the silk being dried? The so-called experience on the Internet, some say that it can be sunburned, some people say that it can not be sunburned, the real is tangled! Silk Field and you said that in fact, silk is able to be sun-dried.
And be diligent, but don't expose yourself!
Why is silk to be sunburned?
Silk is a kind of "hollow" structure of natural fiber. This hollow structure gives silk a strong ability to ventilate and breathe. At the same time, it also retains heat very well, allowing silk to have "warm winter and cool summer". characteristic.
However, the ability of silk to drain moisture is limited. The accumulated contact and absorption of sweat from the human body will leave a certain amount of water inside the silk. For a long time, the silk may be knotted, hardened and thin.
The proper drying of the sun can keep it in a dry, fluffy state.
Why can't silk be exposed?
As I mentioned before, silk is a kind of natural fiber rich in protein. After passing the high temperature of the sun, it will become brittle and easy to break, and it will easily turn yellow and affect the appearance.
Some people on the Internet say that it is wrong to put them on the sun and put them on the sun.
Although the quilt cover can resist the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, the silk will still be affected by the high temperature, and it will cause damage to the silk.
What should you pay attention to when the silk is aired?

1. While placed in a ventilated place, gently tapping with your hand will make the fluffy effect of the silk quilt better.
2. If it is exposed to sunlight, ensure that the sun is mild, and the drying time should not be too long.
3, it is recommended to dry and dry, good maintenance can make a good silk silk for more than ten years.