Hydraulic spinning wheel

Update:12 Jan 2019

The number of spindles in ancient spinning cars is gene […]

The number of spindles in ancient spinning cars is generally 2 to 3 and the maximum is 5. On the occasion of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, with the development of social economy, on the basis of various hand-made spinning machines, a large spinning wheel with dozens of spindles was gradually produced. The big spinning wheel is different from the original spinning wheel. Its characteristics are: the number of spindles is up to several dozen, and it is driven by water. These characteristics make the large spinning wheel have the prototype of modern spinning machinery and adapt to large-scale professional production. Taking spinning as an example, the universal spinning machine can spin up to 3 pounds per day, while the large spinning wheel can spin more than one hundred kilograms a night. When spinning, you need to use enough hemp to meet its production capacity. The hydraulic spinning wheel is an important invention in ancient China that applied natural forces to textile machinery. For example, in the case of spinning machines with hydraulic power as the driving force, China has been more than four centuries older than the West.