Jacquard slub and silk brocade

Update:25 May 2019

Jacquard slub Jacquard slub satin fabric is woven by po […]

Jacquard slub
Jacquard slub satin fabric is woven by polyester FDY large glossy triangular shaped yarn 75D, weft yarn 150D, and small jacquard weaving technology with warp and weft interweaving. The change of satin pattern is the bottom. The fabrics are dyed with alkaline disperse dyes, focusing on the coloring process of polyester FDY large glossy triangular filament. After dyeing and finishing, two kinds of small jacquard patterns with different contrast are formed. Most of the flower patterns are small petals and leaves, which are woven on the Jacquard Faucet Water Jet Loom. Its cloth face is 150 cm wide and its weight is about 180 grams. The product is suitable for women to make suits and upper body, showing elegant temperament.

Silk brocade
Also known as Tangsuit fabrics, it is the most refined product of silk fabrics, using twisted silk as warp, viscose yarn as weft, weaving with warp forged jacquard weave. The jacquard is round with the words "longevity", "happiness" and so on. The product is processed by exquisite craftsmanship. The fabric is beautiful and elegant, fresh and free from vulgarity. It has both three-dimensional sense and flash sense. Because of the special material collocation, the style of the fabric is very special, and it has a sense of luxury and richness. It is usually more than 3 colors, up to 7-10 colors. It belongs to high-grade Satin fabric. Suitable for making high-grade clothing such as women's cheongsam, antique clothes and minority festival dresses. This kind of fabric has a width of 144cm and weighs between 200 and 220 grams per metre. The red, green and blue colors on the market are welcomed by customers.