Polyester Satin and Polyester Satin

Update:31 May 2019

Polyester satin It is a rising star of home textile fab […]

Polyester satin
It is a rising star of home textile fabrics and popular fabrics. This fabric is made of warp and weft polyester DTY75D and weft polyester DTY150D as raw materials. According to the specifications of 16 *5 *30, five weaves are selected and woven on water-jet loom. The process is unique, the dyeing and finishing technology is advanced, the fabric style is fresh and natural, and the quality is excellent. The fabric has good wrinkle resistance and drapability of polyester fabric, so it is an ideal fabric for home textiles. Its fabric width is 160 cm, weighing about 120 grams per meter. The fabric can be used to make bedspread, curtain, table cloth, wedding dress and national antique clothing. At present, it is mainly purchased by businessmen from Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Yunnan and Changshu, Jiangsu.

Rayon satin
The uniform grade of silk and satin is 54186. Its warp and weft are woven with 75D viscose silk and 120D viscose silk. Five satins are woven in shuttle. It has a width of 97 cm, a weight of 140 grams per square meter, a long Satin warp line and a fine arrangement, with smooth and bright grain, soft texture and fine twill on the back. There are two kinds of products: plain color and printing. They are bright and elegant. They are suitable for making men's and women's cotton clothes, plain clothes, embroidered clothes and antique clothes.