Psychological effect of fabric color

Update:29 Oct 2018

Color can express emotions powerfully. It affects peopl […]

Color can express emotions powerfully. It affects people's spirit, emotions and behaviors unconsciously through human visual senses.

Red is a stimulating, exciting and impressive color. Red represents life, enthusiasm and vitality, making people feel energetic and have a vigorous and inducing force. In our traditional concept, red is often associated with good fortune, good luck, and joy. Red has become a common color in festivals and other celebrations. However, in some cases, red makes people feel horrified, dangerous and uneasy.

When red matches other colors:

On the lemon yellow, the red color shows a dark, restrained force, controlled by the yellow power that symbolizes knowledge.

On the dark red, the red plays the role of calming and extinguishing the heat.

On the lilac color, the red color is reduced to suppressed radiance, and the lilac is actively resisted.

On the yellow-green, the red becomes a rash, and it is vivid and interesting.

On the orange, the red seems to be dying, bleak and lifeless.

On the black, the red will evoke the most unconquerable stimuli and strength.

Orange is a mixture of yellow and red. It is also one of the exciting colors. It represents warm, lively and lively. It gives people a bright feeling. Orange is the warmest color in color. It is easy to be accepted. Therefore, mature fruit and rich Most of the foods for nutrition are orange. This color is easy to cause nutrition, sweet association, and easy to cause appetite.