Raw material classification and Other classification

Update:17 Sep 2018

Raw material classification Pure woven fabric: The same […]

Raw material classification
Pure woven fabric: The same kind of fiber is used as the raw material constituting the fabric, and there are cotton fabric, wool fabric, silk fabric, polyester fabric and the like.
Blended fabric: The raw materials constituting the fabric are made of two or more different kinds of fibers, which are made by blending yarns, and have a blended fabric of polyester-viscose, polyester-nitrile, polyester-cotton and the like.
Mixed fabric: The raw material constituting the fabric is made of single yarn of two kinds of fibers, which are combined into a strand, and have low-elastic polyester filament and medium-length mixed, and also have polyester staple fiber and low-elastic polyester filament. Mixed into a strand and so on.
Interwoven fabric: The raw materials of the two-direction system constituting the fabric are respectively made of different fiber yarns, antique satin interwoven with silk rayon, nylon and rayon interwoven Nifune. [6]
Whether to dye
White fabric: The unbleached raw material is processed into a fabric, which is also called a raw fabric.
Dyed fabric: a bleached monochromatic fabric, also known as plain fabric
Printed fabric: the fabric is partially printed with dye, and the fabric is fixed to form various patterns.
Yarn-dyed fabric: A type of fabric woven from dyed yarn.
Other classification
Adhesive cloth: It is made by bonding two pieces of cloth back to back. Bonded fabrics, organic fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, vinyl plastic films, etc., can also be combined in different combinations.
Flocking processing cloth: The fabric is covered with short and dense fiber fluff, which has a velvet style and can be used as clothing and decorative materials.
Foam laminated fabric: The foam is adhered to a woven or knitted fabric as a base fabric, and is mostly used as a cold-resistant fabric.
Coated fabric: It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), neoprene or the like on the base fabric of woven or knitted fabric, and has excellent waterproof function.

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