Satin fabric

Update:25 Jul 2017

Satin fabric: our company satin specifications include […]

Satin fabric: our company satin specifications include 50D*50D、50D*75D、75D*75D、75D*100D、75D*150D、150D*150D. There are twisted yarns and untwisted yarns, matte yarns and lustrous yarns. Five satin weave organization. Our company satin is designed novel. Because warp adopts super bright yarn, weft adopts P-DTY, part products inject 4-2% spandex, fabric organization structure adopts stain plain textured treatment, gray fabric is treated by desizing, preshrunk, soften, the finished fabric is good in ventilation and unique in style with excellent satin flash (chameleon) visual effect, a fabric favored by customers.After finished, the fabric feels soft and smooth. The cloth is colorful. The style is beautiful and charming, the texture is light and soft, and the wearability is excellent. The fabric is widely used, not only making casual pants, sports wear, suits (leotards), but also in printing, embossing, embroidery and other special technology, many patterns, rich color, can satisfy the different demands of people It is not only suitable for the production of autumn pants, leisure suit, fashionable clothes, and is the ideal bedding, home decoration materials. Satin fabric with thin, soft, elastic, comfortable, gloss and other advantages have won the favor of many foreign trade and foreign units. 

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