Semi-damp satin and satin satin

Update:17 May 2019

Semi wave satin This fabric is made of warp and weft po […]

Semi wave satin
This fabric is made of warp and weft polyester FDY50D/72F as raw material and woven on water-jet loom with five weaves according to the specifications of 16*6*42. The process is unique, the dyeing and finishing technology is advanced, the fabric style is fresh and natural, and the quality is excellent. The fabric has good wrinkle resistance and drapability of polyester fabric, so it is an ideal fabric for casual jacket. The width of the cloth is 160 cm and the weight of the cloth is about 120 grams per meter. At present, the sales situation is in the ascendant, and it is expected that the future market will be more fragrant and colorful.

Satin satin
The warp yarn of the fabric is 75D triangular polyester yarn; the weft yarn is 150D polyester low elastic yarn; the fabric structure is composed of satin flat and oblique texture, interwoven on a water-jet loom. The grey fabric is desizing, pre-shrinking, absorbing water, opening, alkali reducing, dyeing, softening and setting finishing. The design of this product is novel, the fabric style is unique, and it has good Satin flash visual effect. The fabric is credible to the garment manufacturer with the advantages of soft handle, stiffness, soft gloss and strong air permeability. It is an ideal fabric for making casual clothes, ladies'fashions, skirts, charming cars and home decoration. According to the producers and operators, most of the sales targets are garment manufacturers. It is expected that the future market will also maintain the trend of mobile sales.