Silk crepe satin and Silk satin

Update:10 Jun 2019

Silk crepe satin A kind of pure natural fabric with exu […]

Silk crepe satin
A kind of pure natural fabric with exuberant vitality and natural features attracts merchants with its attractive charm. It is not only popular with the people of our country, but also enjoyed by foreigners. Especially in winter, "elastic plain crepe satin" has aroused the love of fashionable young girls, and has become popular both in domestic demand and in foreign trade. The material of the fabric is composed of 2/20/22D silk (94% content) and 6% spandex (6% content). The density of warp and weft is 1280 x 530 roots/10cm, the weight of the fabric is 70m2. The fabric is woven by five Satin weaves on rapier loom. After washing, dyeing and finishing, the front of the grey silk has Satin luster and elasticity in latitude, which is soft and comfortable. Suitable for ladies to make cheongsam skirts, Chinese Tang clothes, scarves, etc. Comfortable and gorgeous dress not only shows elegant and free temperament, but also adds attractive charm, which is in line with the fashionable taste of today's clothing. Especially after product printing, it is particularly attractive and has better visual effect. Fabric door width is 107mm, although the market price is expensive, but because of its superior quality and unique style, it is welcomed by foreign trade garment manufacturers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other cities.

Silk satin
Warp and weft yarns are interwoven at least once every three yarns. Satin weave makes the fabric denser and thicker. Satin weave products cost more than plain weave and twill weave products of the same kind. Fabrics woven with satin weave are collectively referred to as satin fabrics. The most common satin fabric is striped satin, referred to as satin stripes. Tribute satin fabric is characterized by smooth and delicate surface, rich luster. It looks like silk and satin. It's more comfortable. It feels the softest. It's thicker and more wearable than plain and twill fabrics. Gongsatin is a fine product of pure cotton fabric.

Satin washing
Some varieties are not suitable for washing, such as soft satin, brocade satin and ancient fragrant satin; they can be washed in water, but neutral soap or high-grade soap sheet and high-grade synthetic detergent can be used to dissolve the soap solution in hot water first, then all the clothes will be soaked after cooling, then gently rubbed and washed, rinsed with clean water and pressed with both hands.
Because mulberry silk is resistant to sunshine, it is necessary to put the clothes in the shade when they are aired. When they are dry, they should be ironed with a medium-temperature iron to keep the gloss of the clothes unchanged and durable. When ironing, they should avoid spraying water and ironing on the front so as not to cause water stains. When washing, if a little vinegar can be added to the water, the washing clothes will be brighter and brighter.