Silk fabric

Update:04 Jun 2018

The silk absorbs light, looks smooth, smooth, soft and […]

The silk absorbs light, looks smooth, smooth, soft and shiny. It is pearl-shiny, soft and elegant, with dense threads and wrinkles. The softer the silk, the higher the density, the better the silk feel. Although the artificial silk fabrics have undergone deconsolidation treatment, their hand feel is soft, but the silk surface is dark and there is no pearl luster. The chemical fiber fabrics are bright, dazzling and hard to feel. In addition, silk products should have a slight scratching sensation. Rubbing two layers of fabrics will produce a "silk" sound, while other raw materials do not.

The shrinkage rate of silk is high, and it is advisable to purchase a finished product with a size that is one step larger than the actual demand. If it is selected in high-end silk goods, it is best to take dry cleaning.

Soft and soft silk, soft hand feel, delicate texture, mutual rubbing, can send a special sound, commonly known as 'silk' or 'sounding', open after hand-clenching, wrinkles less and not obvious, silk goods silk dry Wet elastic force is the same.