Spinning system

Update:24 Dec 2018

Carded wool spinning system, combed wool spinning syste […]

Carded wool spinning system, combed wool spinning system
1. Carded wool spinning system products include: woollen woolen fabrics, blankets, carpets, industrial use;
Initial processing of wool → and wool, refueling → combing → spun yarn.
1) The initial processing of wool: first distinguish the raw wool of different quality, and then use a series of mechanical and chemical methods to remove various impurities in the raw wool;
2) Hair and refueling: reduce friction and prevent static electricity;
3) combing effect: thoroughly combing the mixture; thoroughly mixing the various fibers in the mixture; removing the grass, dead hair and coarse fibers; making the fibers gradually straight and parallel; making the roving into a roving;
4) Spinning effect: the roving is spun into a spun yarn with certain strength, certain weight and certain quality requirements.
Second, combed wool spinning system products include: worsted wool, wool (including knitted yarn), plush
Production line (mixing, refueling → combing → 1~3 cross needle comb machine → straight combing machine → strip combing machine → re-washing machine → unwinding comb machine) → front spinning (mixer → 4~ 5 needle plate roving machine → pin wheel (or apron) roving machine → after spinning (ring spinning machine → winder → doubling machine → twisting machine)
The main process: 1 top strip (from raw material to top); 2 front spinning (from top to roving); 3 rear spinning (from roving to plied yarn).