Tencel, a brand new viscose fiber

Update:27 Jul 2019

Tencel, a brand new viscose fiber, also known as LYOCEL […]

Tencel, a brand new viscose fiber, also known as LYOCELL viscose fiber, its commodity name is Tencel.
Tencel is prepared by solvent spinning technology based on ammonium oxide, which is totally different from the previous methods of viscose fibers. Because of solvent spinning technology, the preparation method of viscose fibers is completely different from that of viscose fibers in the past. Because the solvent can be recovered, it is ecologically harmless and is also called viscose fiber in the 21st century. Tencel is made of fibre diesel oil and its raw material is trees in nature.
Tencel is characterized by high wet strength (higher than cotton fiber) and higher wet modulus than cotton. It has good hygroscopicity of viscose fibers and high strength of synthetic fibers. Tencel fabrics have better dimensional stability, smaller shrinkage rate, soft and silky luster. When there is temperature, Tencel fabric will expand, it is like a barrier, it can prevent rain and snow invasion at the same time, still maintain its air permeability, in the silk fabric has the same comfort as natural fibers. The clothes made of Tencel are flexible and can be cleaned in many ways. They are still soft and won't change shape. Hand washing, do not use bleach, shade dry, not twisted dry.

Rosais is a blended fabric of 70% silk and 30% organic silk yarn, mostly used to produce bedding. It has the softness, smoothness and luster of silk, as well as the comfort, high strength, air permeability and warmth retention of organic filament.