The main products of home textiles

Update:23 Mar 2019

The main products of home textiles are: towel series, s […]

The main products of home textiles are: towel series, square towel and children's towel series, bath towel series, pillow towel series, children's quilt series, towel quilt series, towel gift box series and towel series products. Can be called home textile products. There are many types and different patterns.

That is, home textiles, some people call it soft decoration. Our argument is that after the development of the textile industry, it can be divided into three major parts, one of which is a piece of clothing and one piece of industrial textiles. Then the remaining textiles are home textiles. Including bedding, towels, carpets, fabrics, outdoor and more.
The development of China's textile industry is very rapid. It is far from being able to expand market share accurately and efficiently by relying solely on the improvement of its own products. For many domestic home textile companies, they are rapidly autonomous in the form of reduced export and OEM production. Brand development and brand building have become a top priority in the entire home textile industry market. The visual marketing of the home textile industry is imminent, and the home furnishings can quickly improve the brand culture and promote sales.
In 2008, home textile fabrics, furniture, real estate and other home markets ushered in their new "spring." The various international furniture and home furnishing exhibitions held in succession are like a beautiful opening of the story, let us integrate into the world of “home” from the beginning of the new year. The theme of "home" has also brought us a good opportunity and platform for the development of our home furnishings.
The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is indeed a rare opportunity for all Chinese industries to showcase. When the eyes of the whole world are concentrated in this country, we have more reason to make our "window" more perfect. Home furnishings, as an expert in the "eyeball economy", are destined to become an important player in the booming furniture industry.