The purchase of curtain fabric

Update:23 Mar 2018

When selecting fabrics, be sure to consider the orienta […]

When selecting fabrics, be sure to consider the orientation of your own window. The south-facing window has good light, and it is suitable for a thin gauze, a thin cotton or a silky fabric. North-facing rooms, often dark and dark, should be warm and somewhat heavy curtains to increase the temperature. If the home has a window facing east or west, then the shade is the most important use of the curtain. The shaded curtains can both block the glare and keep the brightness of the room, making full use of natural light to illuminate the room. In the immediate vicinity of the windows of the bustling neighborhood, the lights of the street lights and billboards are also very strong. In order to have a peaceful sleep, thicker curtains are needed to block the windows.
Do not underestimate the cost of curtains, cheaper only a few dollars a meter, the high price can reach three or four hundred yuan a meter. When calculating the total amount, it must be confirmed whether the required cloth, fittings, tracks, etc. have all been counted, so as not to pay the deposit, they fall into the business "trap."
Bedroom window: If there is no deep sill or radiator, it will be better to use floor curtain.
Viewing windows: It is necessary to use heavy-duty curtain rails with mechanical devices such as drawstrings; bay windows can be floor-to-ceiling curtains consisting of several individual curtains; double windows: treat them as a whole when decorating.
Cloth curtain is generally divided into "fixed height buy width" and "fixed width buy high" two kinds of selling method, in the purchase of your favorite cloth curtain, you should first ask the business is how to sell the law.
If the curtains are too dark, it will make people feel depressed when they spend a lot of time. The colors are too bright and not good. Some newly-married couples like bright colors, but over time, they can cause visual fatigue and make people feel uneasy. In fact, it's ok for you to choose simple and simple. Choose natural and fresh colors such as light green and light blue to make people feel good. People who are prone to insomnia can try red and black matching curtains to help them fall asleep quickly.