TNC Fabric and Composite Fabric

Update:05 Aug 2019

TNC Fabric The fabric is made of high-tech fibers, i.e. […]

TNC Fabric
The fabric is made of high-tech fibers, i.e. super fibers (nylon, polyester) and high count cotton yarn, which is the latest fashionable fabric woven with three-in-one composite fibers. The fabric takes full advantage of the characteristics of polyester, nylon and cotton yarn. It combines the advantages of the three fibers. It has good wear resistance, good elastic recovery rate, good strength, delicate and smooth handle, comfortable and breathable, novel style and chic. It is an ideal garment fabric. It can be dry-cleaned, not twisted dry.

Composite fabrics
Composite fabrics are made of superfine fibers in specific textile processing and unique dyeing and finishing, and then processed by "composite" equipment. Composite fabrics use the high technology and new materials of "new synthetic fibers" and have many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fibers), such as fine, delicate, elegant and warm fabrics, plump fabrics, wind-proof, breathable fabrics, waterproof functions, and good warmth retention of fabrics.
Due to the use of ultra-fine fibers, the composite fabric has a high cleaning ability, that is, decontamination ability. The fabric has another feature: good wear resistance, soft hand feeling, air permeability and moisture permeability, so it has obvious advantages in tactile and physiological comfort, and the wrinkle resistance of superfine fiber fabric is poor (due to the softness of fiber and poor elastic recovery after wrinkle); in order to overcome this shortcoming, it is necessary to improve the wrinkle resistance of superfine fiber fabric. The "composite" process is adopted, which greatly improves the wrinkle resistance of superfine fiber fabrics. Composite fabrics are popular coat fabrics in Europe and America. Features: Warm and breathable.