Types of chiffon skirts

Update:16 Aug 2019

Chiffon skirts can be divided into two types: waist-fit […]

Chiffon skirts can be divided into two types: waist-fitting skirts and waist-connecting skirts.
In the waist-fitting type, it includes low waist type (the waist position is below the waist line), high waist type (the waist position is above the waist line) and standard type; because of its moderate height, beautiful appearance, it is suitable for women of all levels to wear.
In the waistband, it includes shirt type, tight type, Princess line type (from shoulder to hem vertical broken seam) and tent type (directly from the top to start loose) and so on.

The position of low waist waist is decided by the proportion of the length of the dress. If the skirt is trumpet-shaped or plump-shaped and pleated, the hem is larger.
A skirt with a high waistline above the waistline. Most of the shapes are waistband and wide swing.
The standard waistband is located in the smallest part of the body.
Lumbar type
Close-fitting dresses are more tight and fit than straight and simple ones. The side seam of the skirt is a natural straight line.
The Princess line makes use of the vertical broken stitches from shoulder to hem to embody the curvilinear dress, which emphasizes waist closure and wide swing. Like Princess thread and knife back line, the broken seam inserted vertically is easy to fit the body shape and create the desired shape and stereo feeling.
The tent type has a shape that is loose and expanding directly from the top, as well as a shape that extends from the chest down to the pendulum.