Varieties of silk fabrics part-2

Update:21 Jun 2019

3. Satin: Satin weave, smooth and shiny fabric. 4. Weir […]

3. Satin: Satin weave, smooth and shiny fabric.
4. Weir: Applying twill weave or altered twill weave, fabric with obvious twill weave on silk surface.
5. Yarn: Fabric with yarn weave in whole or in part, twisted by warp yarn A and B every other weft.
6. Luo: Fabrics with Luo weave in whole or in part are twisted by odd number weft wires of A and B warp yarns every other or more, that is Luo.
7. Velvet: All of them are made of velvet fabric with velvet or loops on the silk surface.
8. Brocade: Applied satin and twill weave, colorful jacquard fabric with exquisite patterns.
9. Tape: Light and thin perforated fabric with plain weave or yarn-drawing structure.
10. How about: Applying various kinds of weaves and thicker warp and weft yarns, with rich texture and wool-like sensory fabrics.
11. Ge: Fabrics with plain weave, twill weave and its changing structure, sparse warp and weft bending, thick warp and fine weft, thick texture and transverse shuttle weave on silk surface.
12. Tape: Fabric with plain weave, filament as warp, cotton or other yarn as weft and thicker texture.
13. Silk: Used in plain weave, texture is delicate, smooth and crisp.
14. Silk: Fabric with plain weave or variable weave and interlaced warp and weft.
Tie (engraving): Special silk fabrics of plain weave or other textures made by weaving through warp and weft.