Warp knitted fabrics are formed by using one or several sets

Update:04 Mar 2019

2. Knitted fabric: A fabric formed by weaving a loop in […]

2. Knitted fabric: A fabric formed by weaving a loop into a yarn, which is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting.
a. The weft knitted fabric feeds the weft thread from the weft direction to the working needle of the knitting machine, so that the yarns are sequentially bent into a loop and are interwoven with each other.
b. Warp knitted fabrics are formed by using one or several sets of yarns arranged in parallel, which are fed into all the working needles of the knitting machine in the warp direction and simultaneously formed into loops. Knitted fabrics are mainly divided into two categories: weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics. Weft knitted fabrics are used in sweaters and socks, etc. Warp knitted fabrics are commonly used as underwear fabrics, and manual knitting is also a method of weft knitting. In weft knitting, the yarn is reciprocated (or circularly moved) from one side of the machine to the other, and a new knitting stitch can be formed by the movement of the knitting needle. The weft knitted fabric yarn travels in a transverse direction, and the fabric is formed by weaving a row of yarns in a row and a row in a row direction. All the coils of a row are woven from a single yarn. The weft knitted fabric can be finished on a flat knitting machine or a circular machine.

The warp knitting is a longitudinal movement of a set of warp yarns in the warp direction, and a new knitting stitch is formed by the movement of the knitting needles. Warp knitted fabrics and warp knitting machines for producing them are substantially different from weft knits and weft knitting machines which produce weft knits. The yarn is warp-knitted in the warp knit, as is the warp yarn of the woven fabric, which is fed by a warp beam, and a plurality of yarns arranged in parallel are wound on the warp, similar to the warp beam in the weaving. The direction of the yarn in the warp knit is warp. A vertical coil is formed in one course and then moved diagonally to the other wales to form another coil in the next course. The yarn advances in a zigzag shape from one side to the other along the length of the fabric, and each of the stitches in a row is made of a different yarn. Knitwear has the largest proportion of weft knitted fabrics. Weft-knitted fabrics mainly include basic weft knitted fabrics (woven fabrics, also known as weft, rib fabrics, double-knit fabrics), special weft knitted fabrics (double rib knitted fabrics, double-knitted fabrics, plush, knitted loops). , knitted velvet, etc.) warp knitted fabrics mainly have flat, velvet and velvety