What are the types of the chiffon fabric?

Update:23 Jan 2018

The chiffon skirt is one of the most favorite clothes f […]

The chiffon skirt is one of the most favorite clothes for every girl, and the chiffon skirt is made from the chiffon fabric. Chiffon fabric is made of silk, cotton, nylon, polyester and rayon. According to the different chiffon fabrics, the price of costumes made of chiffon fabric will also be different. The silk fabric made of silk is the most precious kind of skirt, mainly because the silk has a rich luster of He Guanghua's texture. The silk chiffon fabric weighs very light.

Silk chiffon fabrics are made from the natural silk avant-garde title, which is often more expensive and needs a dry and clean storage environment. It can be used in the manufacture of Silk Georgette, sometimes called crepe fabric, like a thick, opaque curtain cloth, but also like to Chiffon soft and light feeling.

Chiffon fabric can also as raw materials made of cotton, but made of chiffon fabric will have a feeling in the fog.
Chiffon fabrics can also be made of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. This is because synthetic materials make chiffon fabrics easy to dye, and the price is relatively cheap, and the fabrics made are relatively strong and durable. However, the fabric made of synthetic materials is not fine enough, so it should be washed with cold water. However, this kind of chiffon fabric, like the silk fabric made of silk, also has a smooth and soft feeling.