What fabric is Pearl chiffon and what clothes it is suitable for

Update:01 Nov 2019

What fabric is Pearl Chiffon? Pearl chiffon, a word hea […]

What fabric is Pearl Chiffon? Pearl chiffon, a word heard in this is not clear, pearl Chiffon is a short name for fabric, so what is Pearl chiffon fabric? What kind of clothes is he suitable for? Come and see what pearl Chiffon is with me?


Many people will ask [how about pearl chiffon fabric]? In fact, there are many kinds of chiffon. Pearl Chiffon is a kind of classification of chiffon, also known as Chiffon beads. It has a similar texture with composite silk chiffon and can be replaced by each other. After skin contact, there is a kind of cold feeling, very comfortable, falling feeling is better than general chiffon, twist is also higher! Pearl Chiffon has a stronger sense of falling. Ordinary Chiffon looks lighter, but it's not a sense of flowing. In terms of weight, pearl Chiffon of the same size is heavier than ordinary chiffon. It is suitable for making summer dress. Pearl chiffon fabric has better effect than ordinary chiffon fabric. It looks elegant and has enough sense of falling.

What fabric is Pearl Chiffon? Pearl Chiffon can be divided into silk georgette yarn, rayon Georgette yarn, polyester Georgette yarn and interwoven Georgette yarn according to the raw materials used. If the weft yarn only uses one twist direction, the Georgette yarn is called smooth fiber Georgette yarn, and the smooth fiber Georgette yarn presents warp concave convex pleated irregular crepe.

Pearl chiffon shirt should be counted as a rare summer clothes, suitable for girls of all ages. If you want to reduce the age, it's also a good single Oh, the material is comfortable, summer has such a pearl chiffon shirt, let you cool a summer Oh! Do you understand what pearl Chiffon is now?