What fabric skirt does not wrinkle

Update:16 Sep 2019

1. lace fabrics When it comes to lace, many people may […]

1. lace fabrics
When it comes to lace, many people may scream, "No mistake!"
After all, many people's first feeling may be "delicate" and not easy to handle, it really wants to be wronged to death! It's a little princess who doesn't wrinkle easily in many fabrics. You just stack lace's clothes and put them on. If you pick them up and shake them, you don't have to iron them at all!
It is precisely because of its rich texture that wrinkles have very little influence on it. So no matter how long it lasts, it is the kind of fabric that can be put on and put on, especially the heavy crocheted lace. Its structure is very full. With its own weight, its wrinkle resistance is very good. It can definitely be called a wrinkle-resistant fabric. Li's "top man"
2. Denim Fabric
Of course, when it comes to the fabric that is not easy to wrinkle, I would like to mention my favorite jeans. It is one of the most common fabrics in our daily life. I have made a lot of jeans, including pants, skirts, coats and so on. After all, it is not only versatile, classic, fashionable, but also very well managed. Do you think "jeans" are so? ” It's so intimate.~
Of course, it is impossible to avoid wrinkles when stacking normally. The most difficult wrinkles are heavy denim fabrics. After all, heavy denim fabrics are weighty and straightforward. When wearing naturally, the wrinkles will disappear quickly because of the "gravity effect", and some denim items deliberately make some wrinkles in order to make some flower heads. Here we are.
3. Chiffon Fabric
Pearl Chiffon has the function of moistening muscles and nourishing skin. At the same time, Chiffon also has the natural and lasting bacteriostasis function. According to the detection of Shanghai Health and Epidemic Prevention Station, the bacteriostasis rate of Pearl Chiffon is over 83.2%. It can inhibit the bacterium, coccus and mildew of harmful skin. Because Chiffon is stronger than cotton yarn (high count) and silk, it is moth-proof and mildew-proof, so it is more durable, washable and easy to store. What is more peculiar is that milk protein fibers, unlike other animal protein fibers, such as wool and silk, are easy to be molded or aged, and can remain bright and fresh even after several years of storage.
A kind of fresh, a kind of elegant. Absolutely the best choice in temperament. Elegant pronouns are always unique to skirts. Then the fabric of the skirt is particularly important. Make skirts, or don't float. Or float to the end. Only by grasping the essentials of skirts can we grasp the hearts of female consumers.
Skirt Wrinkle Solution
1. Blower method: When clothes are wrinkled, spray a little water on the wrinkled part first, then blow back and forth 5 centimeters from the clothes with the hairdryer until the wrinkled part is blown flat. Sometimes clothes can be put on the body and blown by a hairdryer.
2. Hot pot ironing method: hot pot can be used to ironing clothes. When the kettle boils the water, put the wrinkled clothes in the spout of the kettle and let the steam coming out of the spout ironing the wrinkles. Warm your hands carefully.
3. Steam ironing: There is a kind of steam ironing in many clothing stores. As long as the clothes are hanged with hangers, connected with the power supply of steam ironing, open the switch, where the clothes are wrinkled, push them twice with the handle, it is very convenient. This steam iron is also suitable for household use. It can be packed in a small box when not in use.
4. After the silk clothes are wrinkled and quickly treated by spraying wet silk clothes, they are packed in plastic bags and put into the refrigerator. After 10 minutes, they will be easily ironed out.