What is Blended Fabric Brief Introduction of Blended Fabric

Update:13 Jul 2019

Blended chemical fiber fabric is a textile product whic […]

Blended chemical fiber fabric is a textile product which is made by blending chemical fibers with other natural fibers such as cotton wool, silk, hemp and so on. For example: polyester cotton cloth, polyester wool gabardine and so on. For example, polyester-cotton blended fabric is mainly composed of polyester, which is woven with 65% - 67% polyester and 33% - 35% cotton blended yarn. Polyester-cotton blended fabric is commonly known as cotton cool. Features: It not only highlights the style of polyester but also the advantages of cotton fabrics. Under dry and wet conditions, it has good elasticity and wear resistance, stable size and small shrinkage. It has the characteristics of stiffness, non-wrinkle, easy washing and quick drying. It can not be ironed at high temperature and soaked in boiling water.
Wool-polyester fabric is a kind of fabric made of wool and polyester blended yarn, which is the most common blended wool fabric at present. The common proportion of wool-polyester blending is 45:55, which can not only keep the advantages of wool, but also give full play to the advantages of polyester. Almost all wool and worsted fabrics have corresponding wool-polyester blending varieties. The blending ratio can be adjusted according to the needs of the fabric, such as 70:30, or 80:20, etc. Among them, worsted wool-polyester thin tweed is also called cool, commonly known as wool is really cool, which is one of the most reflective wool-polyester blended fabric. It has two-ply yarns for weft and warp, single yarn for weft and single yarn for warp and weft, usually 20-14 TEX (50-70 metric) double-ply yarn, and 10-8 TEX (100-120 metric) double-ply yarn for light fabrics, weighing about 170-190G/m2.

Compared with wool-polyester tweed, wool-polyester tweed is light in texture, good in wrinkle recovery, firm in wear, easy to wash and dry, long in fold, stable in size, not easy to moth, but not as soft as wool. If lustrous polyester is used as raw material for blending, the fabrics have silky luster. If cashmere or camel hair is used as raw material for blending, the hand feel is slippery and tender.
Washing instructions: First immerse in cold water for 15 minutes, then wash with general synthetic detergent. The temperature of the lotion should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. The dirty parts of the collar and cuffs can be washed with a brush (soft). After cleaning, they can be gently twisted and dried in a cool and ventilated place. They should not be exposed to the sun. They should not be dried to avoid wrinkling due to ripening.