What is monochrome jacquard fabric

Update:08 Oct 2019

What is monochrome jacquard fabric? There are three kin […]

What is monochrome jacquard fabric? There are three kinds of jacquard fabrics according to the fabric structure: 1. shuttle jacquard fabrics, 2. warp knitted jacquard fabrics, 3. weft knitted jacquard fabrics.
It's easy to distinguish the quality of satin fabric. We just need to observe its yarn count and density. The finer the yarn count, the higher the density, the better the quality of jacquard fabric.
What is monochrome jacquard fabric?
Monochromatic jacquard fabrics need to be woven on jacquard looms to form jacquard grey fabrics, and then dyed and finished. The finished fabrics belong to pure jacquard dyed fabrics.
What is polychrome jacquard fabric?
Multicolored jacquard fabrics need to be dyed by yarn dyeing process, dyed and then weaved by jacquard loom, and finally finished. All of them are dyed jacquard fabrics. Therefore, dyed jacquard fabrics have more than two colors, and the color of the fabrics is rich, the style is unique, the three-dimensional sense of the fabrics is strong, and the grade of the fabrics is higher. Cotton jacquard fabrics shrink slightly, but do not pill, and have a high color fastness.
Jacquard fabrics are basically used in two areas: 1. Manufacturing materials in the field of high and middle-grade clothing; 2. Materials in the field of decoration industry (such as curtains, sofa materials)
The knitting process of jacquard fabric is very complicated. Warp yarn and weft yarn interweave each other to form different patterns, concave and convex, and eventually weave various beautiful patterns.