What is the fabric of chiffon?

Update:06 Mar 2018

When many people buy Skirts on the Internet or in an en […]

When many people buy Skirts on the Internet or in an entity store, they will have service and service staff to introduce the fabric in detail. Although total snow spinning in the life many, but for what is really the chiffon fabric is confused, the following will give us what is chiffon fabric?
The chiffon has to be at the root of it. In fact, the scientific name is called Georgette chiffon, with strong twist crepe crepe weft fabric with a silk fabric is, it originated from the French language CHIFFE transliteration, meaning light and transparent fabric. Nowadays, the mainstream Chiffon on the market is a chemical fiber fabric. Its texture is light and transparent, and its handle is soft and refreshing and elastic. From the aspect of appearance. This fabric is mainly used for making Chiffon dresses, shirts, dresses and high-end fashion scarves and other decorations for women on various occasions to add some charm, very feminine, showed very distinguished between behavior. And it has good air permeability and draping, so it is very elegant, like a fairy.
Chiffon fabrics can be divided according to changes in raw materials with technology: artificial silk chiffon chiffon, stretch chiffon, also is chiffon, but due to the different preparation of raw materials, is also a great difference of chiffon fabric woven into the texture and feel, not only is not the same, the price difference is not small. So, women in the purchase of chiffon clothes, but also open eyes, not easy to be.