What is the satin fabric?

Update:14 May 2018

There are many types of pajamas on the market including […]

There are many types of pajamas on the market including cotton, silk, wood pulp fiber (modal), chemical fiber, artificial silk, satin, chiffon, and linen. Which fabric is the satin?

First of all, starting from the characteristics of satin, the satin is composed of five satin fabrics. The fabric made of this organization has a superb satin luster and a soft cloth. The so-called satin silk satin is, this is an international epidemic. A wide range of species, each year's popular varieties have their presence.
Although the satin may seem simple and complex, the fabric of the fabric is formed differently, so there are many different varieties. Because the fabric is particularly good in air permeability, and it has a wide popularity in the market, it has good luster drape and soft feel and silk effect. The garments made of fabrics are comfortable and popular, and they have always been favored by garment manufacturers and used as casual pants, sportswear and bed materials. The production of pajamas has a good warmth, fabric soft, and affinity with the skin.Satin is not suitable for exposure in the sun, the composition of satin is Quandi, it is made of polyester fiber, there will be a hot and airtight feeling in summer wear, if it is a skirt is also slightly stronger, if it is a jacket, relative Other fabrics are hot. Therefore, garments made of satin cloth are used in high-end garments because the user does not have long-term exposure to the sun because of long-term office or high-end applications.