What is the texture of chiffon?

Update:28 May 2018

How is chiffon made? Chiffon is a kind of silk fabric t […]

How is chiffon made?

Chiffon is a kind of silk fabric that is made of strong quilting and weaving and weaving. The warp and weft of chiffon adopt two different twisted twisted yarns of S and Z. They are arranged in ZS and 2Z phases and interlaced in plain weave. The warp and weft density of the fabric is very small, after the groove fabric of the yarn twist. Small bi-directional weaving gives chiffon some stretch and a slightly rough feel.

What kind of fabric is chiffon?

Chiffon fabrics can be made of silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon. According to the different fabrics, the price of chiffon clothing can vary. Chiffon fabric made of silk is the most precious, because silk has rich luster and smooth texture. The weight of silk chiffon is very light. Since silk chiffon is a tissue made of natural silk fibers, it is often more expensive and requires a dry and clean storage environment. Silk can also be used to make georgettes, sometimes called crickets, with thick fabrics like opaque curtain fabrics, but there are also chiffon fabrics that give people a feeling of softness and lightness.

Cotton can also be used as a source material for making chiffon, but the chiffon produced has a feeling of fog.

Synthetic materials (such as nylon and polyester) are the most commonly used materials for making chiffon. This is because chiffon fabrics made of synthetic materials are easy to dye and relatively inexpensive, and the fabrics produced are relatively strong and durable. However, the chiffon fabric made of synthetic materials is not delicate enough, so it should be hand-washed with cold water. However, this chiffon fabric, like the chiffon fabric made of silk, also has a smooth, soft feel. .

Chiffon fabric features:

Due to the special production of chiffon fabrics, the chiffon fabrics are soft, lightweight, transparent, smooth and elastic, and have a light and refreshing appearance. They have good breathability and drape. Dresses made of chiffon fabrics are elegant and comfortable. All love clothing women's wholesale network.

Chiffon with:

In formal dress, chiffon is often used to cover opaque fabrics. Chiffon floats on top of it, increasing the luster and texture of the underlying clothing while maintaining a moderate sense of formality. At the same time, the color of the bottom clothes will also be slight, so it is usually coordinated with the bottom layer of the chiffon. Chiffon fabrics can be used in tops, skirts and dresses as well as scarves and belts.